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We love art. Metaverse is a leading provider of custom picture frame art. We offer over 200,000 different prints in hundreds of different framed, canvas and print finishing options. We strive to make the buying process of custom finished art as easy as possible.

We Make Buying Art Easy.

Metaverse started in 2002 as a technology company, offering an enterprise class web content management software package delivered as a hosted service. To showcase the features of our content management package, we launched - a demo site which featured at the time display only images of the master painters. Through a series of unintended twists of fate, the site grew a life of its own and we re-launched the site in 2004 as an online store. Sales on Fulcrum Gallery surpassed the fledgling software company we had created and eventually we acknowledged this had outgrown its "side project" status, officially switching our course to focus on online retail. From the most unlikely of starting places, we've built our brands to the second largest online retailers of art prints and posters in the country, offering over 200,000 art prints which can be custom framed or transferred to canvas.

In 2006 we hatched the idea of competing with ourselves and was born. At around the same time we made our e-commerce technology available in the form of our turn-key private label program, and partnered with hundreds of brands ranging from large corporations, such as Sears, Kohls and Macys, to small independent custom frame shops as well as startups looking to enter the wall decor space. Since then, we have transformed into a full-fledge retail corporation, fulfilling orders through and

Through our network of brands, we have shipped over 815,000 customer orders to over 50 countries worldwide. We stock over 1,000,000 products under our roof for same day shipping, and do all of our custom manufacturing of framed artwork and canvas transfers in house. Our company is headquartered in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. Our team of over 60 employees are dedicated to creating custom high-quality artwork and expert shopping experiences for our retail customers.

Metaverse Corporate Office
Office Space
From our web development and customer service staff to our upper management team, we are all located in house here with our manufacturing and shipping departments so that all of our team members can work together in close knit groups to make the best possible user and customer experience.
Quality Craftsmanship
Inventory and Quality Control
Every item that comes into our facility is checked for quality assurance and is then measured and scanned with high resolution scanners to ensure that the product data and the digital representation of the item is 100% correct. This minimizes the return of product from the customer because they received an item that is not consistent with what they had expected.
Art Print Storage at Metaverse
Product Storage
Our warehouse space is dedicated to the storage of product and supplies to maximize the amount of constantly available product and to shorten the build and ship times of the items we carry. We are continually adding new and additional product to our inventory to help bolster demand and to offer more products that can be shipped the day they are ordered.
Custom Framing
Product Assembly
All of our custom products are manufactured and assembled here in our facility. Our knowledgeable staff hand builds and inspects every item for the highest quality of workmanship. We are all proud to say that our custom products are made in the USA.
Metaverse Order Processing
Pick and Pack / Order Processing
Once an order is ready to be shipped it is placed into our packaging and shipping area. Every order is then hand picked from the shipping queue and is given a final inspection from our processing staff before it is it is ready to be sent out to its final destination.
Framed Art Packaging and Shipping
Using the latest in shipping technology, we create custom packaging to create the perfect sized box and insert to make sure that each item arrives to our customers' doors in the condition in which it left our faciltity.

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